Home owned & family operated since 1972

Getting to know Valerie...

Name: Valerie
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Favorite memory of fishing or hunting: 
"A few years ago I had the chance to go turkey hunting with my bow in Kentucky, it ended up being a catch and release hunt because my broadheads malfunctioned."

Favorite type of fishing or hunting; 
Turkey hunting, it's my goal to kill every species of turkey with my bow.

Favorite place to fish or hunt?
Anywhere with my family.

How long have you worked at Charlie's?
"I've been here since 1972 when we opened, I left briefly for a few years of college and returned full time in 1985."

Why you like working at Charlie's:
"I enjoy meeting all of the interesting people who come in and hearing their great stories."

What's your #1 tip for fishing or hunting in New Mexico?
"Learn from your mistakes while hunting and fishing...you will make them but, they will make you better. Also, always remember to have fun.